Langhe Nebbiolo Spetacol


2017 Nebbiolo

Red wine DOC from Piemonte.
Position of the Vineyards: Vineyards on hills, in the boroughs of Barbaresco and Treiso.
Vines: 100% Nebbiolo for Barbaresco.
Vintage: October – 2nd and 3rd weeks.
Way of Production: Every year, during the 2nd half of August, we choose the vineyard to become the new Spetacol in between all our
vines of Nebbiolo for Barbaresco. The choice is made according to the climate during the vintage. Generally, we choose the fresher position vines, where there is maximum of the temperature range, as the aim it to maintain the fresh scents of flowers and fruit we like so much in the Nebbiolo. The crushing is followed by a fermentation in red for 7-8 days; after it, the Spetacul is only kept in stainless steel tanks, so that it can maintain the typical fresh scent and elegance.
Features: The Nebbiolo is a garnet-red light coloured wine, with scents that are fresh and delicate as well as the taste is dry and important.
The Vintage: 2017
Serving Temperature: 18°C
Pairings: Paired well with game, important cheeses. It can be tasted as its best with the typical dishes of the Piemontese cooking, as “Polenta and Wild-boar” and “Bagna Caoda”.
Ageing: 1 year. This wine is to be enjoyed young, as it is ready one year after the harvest, but it maintains its own characters for many years.



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