Bicerin Coffee

Bicerin Coffee


The Bicerin® originale Vincenzi is the famous the gianduja-flavoured liqueur from Turin.

The original formula was invented in the ‘30s by Ferdinando Vincenzi, who, inspired by the story of the Giandujotto, created with great innovation the only formula of the original Bicerin liqueur using a secret recipe with plant-based cream made from cocoa and hazelnut.

To create this new innovative and unique liqueur, Ferdinando decided to take inspiration from the story of the Giandujotto. It is said that the Giandujotto was born almost by chance, since, in a historical period in which coffee had become very expensive, the Piedmontese chocolate makers had decided to replace coffee with the precious Piedmontese hazelnut.

Ferdinando decided to create a new product that would break away from the classic recipe of the hot drink which was popular in several cafés in Turin. He created a unique liqueur for recipe, taste and innovation, giving life to the Bicerin ® liqueur, a trademark registered since 1996 by the Vincenzi Distilleries in Italy, in Europe and in many non-European countries.

All Vincenzi and Bicerin products are Kosher certified.

Kosher alcohol is alcohol that has been created without grain and has been certified as complying with Jewish dietary laws.



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